Sunday, October 26, 2008

saturday (chicks gig)

It's an art-form. Logisitcs. Rock logisitics. A skill you refine carefully over time. Trial and error - a lot of error. In fact, in the main, it's error that paves our way. But without failure there could be no growth so, we don't mind.
Rock music is not a walk in the park. The gnostic postures you see us demonstrating on stage aren't a display of ego, they're a display of relief, loss of mind and compensation for the trials of the day's grinding petro-dollar lined rock logisitcs. It's a gestural narrative, a reorganisation and reinterpretation of everyday street-level psycho-social misery; a way of being in the world that does not include the supermarket, atm, chemist, 'cunt', 'dick', stop-go, receipt, angry national party supporters, pocket, coin, dog-shit, stroller, lint, gum...

It's a fairly well-trodden routine, in fact its painfully old-hat but a rocking we must go. And so we did.

Set One :
hombre - mexican stand-off /boy meets boy/ seething ugly ambition/ slightly larger city once upon a time
drive on - forward propulsion/ motivation seminar/quaaludic moaning brattish spank'n'skank
do do do - what's it like being you/thelemic anthem/ sweet aromas the current hookah cafe trend
20 - o grow up u little shit/student loan debt monster/12 bar blues gay-knob puke machine
all electric - triads ate my sister/ wall street benefit fraudster in middle class drinking hole
doomtown fuzz - sucking own member/pseudo-goth rock/ banana split'n'shit
new meme - snot'n'shot/pogo hobo with german shepard bestish film in brief-case
reptilian agenda - moderate/liberal/boiler/david icke/under-fed crack baby makes good
the idiot team - defence corportion mega-merger (in my pants)
marijuana girls - jelquing habit/stilton,harvey, nash, gash, cheddar

(then djing bad mp3 sound and bad posturing/ smokers deliberation/name game/ hit me up in toilets/it all for YOU)

Set Two :
Better Dead than Red - reds under th' bed/8-beat/beat beat/lilt,promise,cigarette,tooth, peg, toilet
the idiot team - defence corporation merger (in my syphilitic chancre)
pelvic arcana - pronounced/obvious rifferama/ghandi inhales/nick nack paddy wack
friday - song about day of the week/ friday is my high day/ thank god/ blanco blanco blanco/ griselda gristle
devon - purile doom rite/ moloch bang/ seeds from 2005/ th good old days/ nubile and teat/ crust
lead the pack -------primitiv/ hallowed be thy shame/ flying bum/post merger/free music killed dave dobbyn

---then ...the night sorta atrophied into this sorta free-for-all jam,,,but, it wasn't at all bad because it had a nice sorta good-will feel to it, no pummelling, just good ole' jamming. It cleared the audience.

for a list of what i attempted to dj go here:

oh yeah - hector hazzard filmed the night and concocted a great music vid concept so look out for the fruits of that soon! hopefully we'll get it on c4 and it'll be a single from the Ugly Ambition album/movement
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